Business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is defined as a communications-based technology that allows users to interact by audio via an Internet connection, as opposed to the traditional analog connection. In essence, calls become “free” in a sense as you use internet data which can be much more cost-effective

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How does VoIP services work?

VoIP services works by converting voice audio into data packets. These data packets travel through the Internet like other data. The travelling speed of VoIP is instantly fast through both private and public Internet networks. The data then route from its starting point in an organization to the end recipient. VoIP is flexible, as it allows landline as well as cellular phones that are connected to the Internet, to send and receive VoIP calls. Call centres often use computers to make VoIP calls to clients using headsets with a microphone.

Components of business VoIP

End-user equipment

This equipment relates to the physical equipment. VoIP communicates with another end point through an internet cable, or wirelessly. The end-user equipment for VoIP can therefore be either a phone, tablet, computer or any other device capable of receiving calls via the internet.

Network and technical components

These components are more technical and internal to VoIP. All connected devices function through an internal protected network to ensure that calls are secured. Firewalls as well as host-based intrusion detection are important factors to consider when using VoIP.

The VoIP will usually be installed on an existing IP network. In order for VoIP to function effectively, switches, cables and firewalls need to recognize and deliver VoIP data quickly to keep latency down. Latency implies a delay or lag on the network. Latency need to be kept at a minimum to avoid a delay in the communication between two parties.

Call Software

This part of VoIP relates to software that provide multiple functions like identifying, forwarding, tracking, recording, and more  

Benefits of business VoIP

Attractive per call pricing: VoIP uses data and can therefore be much more cost effective especially when data compression and other systems are present.


VoIP contains roughly the exact same features as normal calling for example, Caller ID, Call waiting, Call transfer, Repeat dial, Return call, Three-way calling and more

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User-friendly conference calls

VoIP operates over a data network and therefore can manage conference calls without the trouble of having enough phone lines.

Improved interactions with customers

VoIP allows personnel freedom of movement and are therefore not restricted to a single location when making or receiving calls.

DR compatibility

VoIP is a hosted system, where phone services are delivered to the cloud by a service provider. Therefore, if the Internet goes down, the personnel can easily relocate to another premises or connect to a WiFi network and continue working.  

Wirelexx provides business VoIP services. Our businesses VoIP installations are for small to large companies. We operate in and around Pretoria, Gauteng. Contact us today to arrange installation or to find out more.

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