Our Fibre Home solutions are on special


Starting at R399/mo




All of our Residential Fibre Internet packages are subject to coverage availability. Additional Fibre Installation costs may apply, terms & conditions apply*

Current Fibre Home prices apply to new service agreements only and will not be applied or grandfathered to existing service agreements.


Fibre To The Home

Wirelexx offer fast affordable Fibre to the Home packages.

Contact us to inform us of your location. We will check your coverage, recommend the best Fibre Home package, and arrange quick and effortless installation for you.


Openserve Fibre to the Home prices subject to availability .

Check out Fibre Home coverage below:

Contact us today to get your Blazing Fast Fibre Home package. Call us or fill in our contact form for detailed openserve coverage and immediate installation.

Spoil yourself with fast, reliable and uncapped Fibre Internet. You deserve it!

How does it work?

You call us. We check coverage. Based on your requirements, we suggest the best package for you. We do a quick, fast and affordable installation for you. You can be free to browse, game and stream as much as you like!

Should I get Fibre?

Absolutely! Fibre internet is currently the best and most affordable option on the market. No lag or delays, no ping issues, no more slow internet. Get your fast reliable fibre home package today!

Business Fibre & Enterprise Fibre

In addition to our Home Fibre packages,  we also offer Business Fibre and Enterprise fibre on request.

Our prices on these packages are location dependant and available on request. Please feel free to contact us for more information on these packages.

We offer speed anywhere between 20Mbps – 500Mbps depending on your unique business fibre requirements.


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