All our home solutions are on special

Starting at R299/mo


All of our Internet packages – subject to coverage availability, installation costs apply, terms & conditions apply*

Current prices apply to new service agreements only and will not be applied or grandfathered to existing service agreements.

Uncapped  Wireless


Uncapped Unshaped

Wireless Internet

Fibre to the


Uncapped Wireless Internet

Asymmetrical Home Uncapped Wireless Internet

Lines will be throttled to 50% speed after softcap has been reached on your uncapped wireless internet data package.

Uncapped Unshaped Wireless Internet

Asymmetrical Uncapped and Unshaped Home Wireless Internet

No Soft cap or throttling on the internet speed of these packages

Fibre To The Home

Wirelexx offer fast affordable Fibre to the Home packages.

Contact us to inform us of your location. We will check your coverage, recommend the best Fibre Home package, and arrange quick and effortless installation for you.


Openserve Fibre to the Home prices subject to availability .

Business Fibre & Enterprise Fibre

We offer Business Fibre and Enterprise fibre on request.

Our prices on these packages are location dependant and available on request. Contact us for more information on these packages.

We offer speed anywhere between 20Mbps – 10 Gbps depending on your unique business fibre requirements


Additional Services

Apart from the Home Wireless Internet, Wireless Business Internet, Fibre to the Home, and Business Fibre, Wirelexx also offers various additional services and solutions. Each of the below options come with different pricing structures that are customised with your business in mind. 


VOIP Services

Wirelexx (pty) is a registered supplier of Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions. VoIP solutions use cutting-edge technology and provide reliable, stable communications. Voice over Internet Protocol is a category of hardware and software that enables people to use the internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls.

Network Maintenance

We provide network maintenance which includes:

  • Troubleshooting network problems.
  • Hardware and software installation/configuration.
  • Monitoring and improving network performance.
  • Securing the network against threats.

Call Routing

There are several benefits of call routing. Routing can optimize human resources costs by utilizing each agent as efficiently as possible. Routing can help ensure that calls are always routed to an available agent rather than being lost or sent to voicemail. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and we will provide you with premium and affordable IT solutions.

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